About the association

Aalto Beer Pong was founded in December 2011. The main objective of the association is to promote the Beer Pong better known in Finland. Aalto Beer Pong is a non-profit association.


The association organizes regular tournaments and member events. We will also provide instruction to the sport, as well as borrow games tools. We are also working with other associations so ABP can be found from numerous of events.

Annual tournaments:
• Ladyboy Tournament (fall)
• Freshman tournament (fall)
• Masquerade pong (fall)
• RoadTrip (fall)
• Back to School Pong (January)
• Anniversary (January)
• Drinkathlon (February)
• Cocktail Pong (spring)
• Students’ Beer Pong Championships

How to join?

It is possible to join in events or here. If you are interested in being an active member, do not hesitate to point it out in events. You will enjoy among us!