• Mikko
    Task: President
    Throwing style: Bounce
    Game style: Confuse
  • Antti
    Task: Vice Chairman, External relations
    Throwing style: Yes
    Game style: No
  • Nikolai
    Task: Treasurer
    Throwing style: Crank ’n’ grind
    Game style: Drunken Serious
  • Karoliina
    Task: Secretary
    Throwing style: Hoping for the best
    Game style: Loud
  • Niko
    Task: Event Manager 1, Web
    Throwing style: Girlish
    Game style: Victorious
  • Konrad
    Task: Event Manager 2
    Throwing style: Jan Železný
    Game style: Attack
  • Vili  
    Task: Task: Club room manager, Logistics 2
    Throwing style: See picture above 
    Game style: ”Six in a row”
  • Tommi
    Task: League manager, Logistics 1
    Throwing style: LeBron James
    Game style: Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Katja
    Task: Marketing, Freshmen events
    Throwing style: Kleopatra style
    Game style: Confuse and win
  • Samu
    Task: All around man
    Throwing style: Christian Kist
    Game style: Blitzkrieg